Disposer (2004)

Lots of people have weird sexual fantasies. They want to play-act rape, be defecated on, or dress up as giant hamsters. Now that everyone’s supposedly so sexually liberated, it’s a minefield of weirdness out there, and that’s long before queer theory and fluid sexual identities come into the equation. Alongside death and taxes, one of the certainties of life has to be that if it exists, someone will find something sexually arousing about it.

Although the Internet’s a sure-fire winner for finding things you never ever felt the slightest inclination to know about, Disposer suggests LA sex chat-lines are just as bad. If the depressing succession of miserable-sounding middle-aged no-hopers wasn’t enough to put you off, the one woman who might actually be attractive has some decidedly unusual fetishes.

Despite some awkwardness early on with some of the more suggestive lines (“I bet you have a big cock”, for example) the actress playing Melanie overcomes these wobbles in time to completely sell the finale. There are some places hands just aren’t designed to go. It’s impossible to imagine anyone could eroticise waste disposal, and it’s equally impossible to look away, much as you might want to, as the blood spatters from her destroyed arm decorate her almost-naked body in a striking, disgusting but somehow almost beautiful way.

BC Furtney’s shorts have featured on both of the Fangoria Blood Drive collections, with Mister Eryams winning the best reviews of the former collection. This time around, Disposer is certainly one of the standout films of Blood Drive II, seven gory minutes that'll put you off anonymous sex for life.

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Originally reviewed for LivingCorpse as part of the Fangoria Blood Drive II DVD.

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