Interview with Zack Ward

After my little excursion out to the set of Postal back in September, I've been writing some articles and doing some follow-up interviews with the cast. Or, to be more accurate, with the Postal Dude himself, Zack Ward.

An extract from our recent interview follows:-

ZW: Think about it, there are these robots that turn into cars. The heroes, they end up getting to drive these cars, like it’s a pickup truck, or it’s a Corvette, or whatever the hell it is. But think about that, it’s just kind of creepy. They’re driving these cars… I don’t know about you, but when I’m driving my car, I’m on the phone, I might be talking to myself, or running lines on a script, or I might be picking my nose, or maybe I’ll fart, or maybe I’m with a pretty girl and we’re making out a little bit. I don’t want my car to watch me!


ZW: I mean, if I fart in a Transformer, what part of the Transformer am I farting on?

I don’t know, but I think the movie should address this…

ZW: I mean, talking cars, like, uh, KITT from Knightrider, he’s all ‘Hello Michael…’ but what part of the car is his chair? Is it a shoulder ride? Are you sitting on his nose? I don’t know. It’s a little gross.

I think maybe you’ve thought about this too much.

ZW: I did. And! What if, what if, you leave a used condom in a Transformer?

[Incredulous laughing]

ZW: [Gets more impassioned] Will there be a baby? Because YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT SEX THEY ARE! I don’t know if Megatron is a masculine name or a feminine name, they don’t tell you! And I don’t like that. I don’t want my kitchen appliances to have an opinion on what I’m cooking. I don’t want my car talking back, like ‘You’re driving too fast, you drive like a girl!’ You know… I don’t want that.

That’s a little worrying.

ZW: Yeah. I think people should think about THAT. It’s scary.
My articles featuring Zack will be appearing in new issues of Penny Blood magazine and Model and Collector's Mart magazine over the coming months. Oh, and if you're on MySpace, go add Zack to your friends list. Tell him I sent you, if you want. But play nice, okay?

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