Masters of Horror: Sick Girl

Girl meets girl. Girl falls for girl. Girl turns into giant mutated insect and goes on a killing spree. That's the basic premise of Lucky McKee's Sick Girl, one of the best Masters of Horror episodes of the first season. While many of the other so-called "Masters" are turning out to be disappointingly well past their prime, McKee, a relative unknown, knocks it out of the park. The storyline is perfectly paced, fitting the 1-hour timeslot precisely, neither feeling rushed nor hopelessly stretched; and, crucially, it's simple enough to make sense. Which is something not many of the other Masters of Horror episodes could claim.

Perhaps even more importantly, McKee's casting is spot on. Angela Bettis, previously his leading lady in May, is off-beat and weird without being unsympathetic, and Misty Mun-- sorry, Erin Brown, is by turns adorable, touching, and actually quite frighteningly nasty. The slick and shiny production isn't anything unique to this episode, but McKee manages to make it work in ways that many of the other directors just didn't.

He does seem to have something of a fixation with lesbians, but, well, having watched this, who wants to argue with him about that?

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soulmining said...

I thought Sick Girl was one of the few good episodes from the first series. Lucky McKee is definitely a name to watch - May was an excellent debut and his sophomore film The Woods is nicely directed and worth a look too. And Angela Bettis is the EMB pin-up girl! ;)