Zombie Walk World Record Attempt

I posted the FrightFest line-up a few days ago, but figured this was worthy of a post to itself: on Monday 27th August, there's going to be an attempt to break the world record for a zombie walk, as a tie-in to the Monday morning movie The Zombie Diaries.

The walk will start at 9:30am and end at 10:30am, culminating in a massive gathering of zombies at Leicester Square - just in time for a head count before settling down for The Zombie Diaries at the Odeon.

The world record for a zombie walk currently stands at 894 - how hard could it be to beat that?

More details when I've got them, but for now, check out the walk's Facebook group, and the MySpace page for the movie.

Or drop an e-mail to zombiegathering@hotmail.com.

FYI, Monday 27th August is a Bank Holiday, so you can't use work as an excuse...

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Anonymous said...

In April I took part in the San Francisco Zombie Mob. It was my first zombie walk, and some of the most fun I've ever had. I wish these folks the best of luck.

zombies reign supreme in the now