FrightFest '07: KM31

Driving along a lonely stretch of highway late at night, a woman accidentally hits a figure standing in the road. And when she gets out to investigate, another car hits her, putting her in a coma and plunging her sister, boyfriend, and sister's boyfriend into a spooky ooky world of ghosts and soggy women in drains.

KM31 was massively popular in its native Mexico, but unfortunately, it doesn't offer anything beyond location that we haven't all seen before. Many times. Soggy dead girls might not be as common on cinema screens as they were a year ago, perhaps, but the memory of all those derivative J-horror wannabes hasn't faded yet. Every step of KM31 treads firmly in the footsteps of all the movies that went before, from the spooky-eyed boychild to the weeping woman with the hideously decayed face to the helpful old woman in the woods who turns out to be a bit more sinister than she seemed.

The film is stylish enough, and it makes sense and all, but it's just another replay of a formula we all got fed up of a long time ago. We've not seen soggy dead girls in Mexico before, but since they don't do anything different there than they do in Japan, is there really any point?

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