June is Nic Cage Appreciation Month!

I know, we're already more than a week into June, which makes it a little bit late to declare it anything-month. But I am, right now, declaring June to be Nicolas Cage Appreciation Month.

Once upon a time, I really didn't like Nic Cage. I couldn't tell you why, exactly, but I found him really off-putting and would deliberately avoid watching movies he starred in.

Then, Ghost Rider happened, and my Nic Cage movie viewing history was immediately divided into two distinct halves: BGR (before Ghost Rider) and AGR (after Ghost Rider). In the latter part, I acknowledged that Nic Cage is, after all, a complete and utter fucking genius. The man can turn any role and turn it into an Elvis impression - he can take any script and turn it into a winking, smirking Cage comedy. He's brilliant.

So, to celebrate, I'm laying in every Nic Cage movie I can get my hands on, watching them, and then writing about 'em here. I possibly need a brand new ratings system to implement for this, but I'll work out the wrinkles as we go along. (If you want to play, feel free! Please leave me a comment with a link to any Cage-related insights you make this month. Or don't. Y'know, it's not obligatory - it's just awesome.)

Let the Cage commence!


Seb said...

Have you seen Raising Arizona? You should totally watch that, if not.

Nish said...

I seem to remember Honeymoon in Vegas having a funny line about so many Elvis's being in one place at one time. It was uni, though, so I might have been drunk.

theVictorianQueer said...

Wild at Heart! He even sings as Elvis in that :)

Nish said...

I also seem to recall Cage shouting "I am the greatest!" whilst blowing things up in a military helicopter in Wings of the Apache.