Masters of Horror: Deer Woman

A bored detective, haunted by personal tragedy and moved onto a slow beat as a result, finds himself being drawn into a weird case -- men are being killed, apparently mid-coitus, by what appears to be an animal. Specifically, a deer. But how could a deer get into a locked van, or a smart hotel room, without being noticed?

Unfortunately, there's not exactly much tension to be had with a title like that. The eponymous woman, while looking decently attractive at first glance, doesn't speak (because she's half deer, presumably) and as a result, quickly starts to seem mentally deficient. Just how none of her victims manages to notice that there's something not quite right about the grinning, nodding moron is never explained, but it's probably because they're just as brainless as she is, and as this episode seems to think its audience is.

John Landis directed one of my favourite movies of all time, so I'm inclined to want to cut him a little slack. Sadly, this episode is utter dross, without a single redeeming feature.

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Ron said...

No love for Brian Benben at all?